What is meaning of freeboard deck of ships?

This is normally the uppermost continuous deck exposed to weather and sea, which has permanent means of closing all openings in the weather part thereof, and below which all openings in the sides of the ship are fitted with permanent means of watertight closing .

In a ship having a discontinuous freeboard deck, the lowest line of the exposed deck and the continuation of that line parallel to the upper part of the deck is taken as the freeboard deck.

The owner may opt to designate a lower deck as the freeboard deck provided that it is a complete and permanent deck in a fore and aft direction at least between the machinery space and peak bulkheads and continuous athwartships (this is typical for a Ro-Ro vessel).

In such cases that part of the hull that extends above the freeboard deck may be treated as superstructure for the purposes of calculation of freeboard.


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