What is Master responsibility for Cargo Operation ?

The Master is responsible for:

  • Ensuring that the voyage orders are fully understood and complied with.
  • Advising the Chief Engineer and Chief Officer of the relevant details of intended voyage.
  • Providing the Company and Charterers with accurate information regarding the cargo operations.
  • Advising the Company when instructions cannot be complied with or he is unsure of the intended voyage instructions.
  • Supervision of cargo system and spaces preparation including cleaning requirements.
  • The Checking and verification of cargo plans prepared by Chief Officer.
  • The Supervision of all cargo and ballast operations on board.
  • The monitoring of the vessel’s stress and stability throughout the cargo and ballast operations and during the voyage to ensure that they remain within the required limits.
  • The Completion, checking and signing as applicable of cargo documents.
  • Ensuring that Hours of Work are in accordance with STCW regulations.

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