What is ISF or International Shipping Federation ?

The International Shipping Federation (ISF) is the principal international employers’ organisation for the shipping industry, representing all sectors and trades. ISF membership comprises national shipowners’ associations whose member shipping companies together operate 75% of the world’s merchant tonnage and employ a commensurate proportion of the world’s 1.25 million seafarers.

Established in 1909, ISF is concerned with all labour affairs, manpower and training, and seafarers’ health and welfare issues that may have an impact on international shipping. www.marisec.org

You may also know IMEC:

IMEC is the only international employers’ organisation dedicated to maritime industrial relations, with offices in London and Manila, and a membership of over 140 of some of the world’s largest ship owners and managers, covering some 7,500 ships and 185,000 seafarers.

Many of these ships/seafarers are covered by IBF agreements, which IMEC, as a founder member of the Joint Negotiating Group, negotiates on behalf of the membership.

IMEC also invests heavily in training, with, amongst other projects, Cadet programs being managed in-house for over 800 future Officers, who are provided free of charge to the membership. www.imec.org.uk.


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