What is information given by terminal to ship prior to loading or discharging as per BLU code ?

Information given by the terminal to the ship are :

On receipt of the ship’s initial notification of its ETA, the terminal should give the ship the following information as soon as possible:

  1. The name of the berth at which loading or unloading will take place and the estimated times for berthing and completion of loading or unloading;
  2. Characteristics of the loading or unloading equipment, including the terminal’s nominal loading or unloading rate and the number of loading or unloading heads to be used;
  3. Features of the berth or jetty the master may need to be aware of, including the position of fixed and mobile obstructions, fenders, bollards and mooring arrangements;
  4. Minimum depth of water alongside the berth and in approach or departure channels;
  5. Water density at the berth;
  6. The maximum distance between the waterline and the top of cargo hatch covers or coamings, whichever is relevant to the loading operation, and the maximum air draught;
  7. Arrangements for gangways and access;
  8. Which side of the ship is to be alongside the berth;
  9. Maximum allowable speed of approach to the jetty and availability of tugs, their type and bollard pull;
  10. The loading sequence for different parcels of cargo, and any other restrictions if it is not possible to take the cargo in any order or any hold to suit the ship;
  11. Any properties of the cargo to be loaded which may present a hazard when placed in contact with cargo or residues on board;
  12. Advance information on the proposed cargo handling operations or changes to existing plans for cargo handling;
  13. If the terminal’s loading or unloading equipment is fixed, or has any limits to its movement;
  14. Mooring lines required;
  15. Warning of unusual mooring arrangements;
  16. Any restrictions on deballasting;
  17. Maximum sailing draught permitted by the port authority; and
  18. Any other items related to the terminal requested by the master.


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