What is Inflatable Work Boats ?

Only purpose-built inflatable work boats of an approved type are to be used for tank repair work and tank inspections. Before and during their use, the following precautions should be taken:
  1. If the tanks are connected by a common venting system, or an IG system, the tank in which the boat is to be used should be isolated to prevent a transfer of gas to or from other tanks. Procedures must be established that ensure the tank is re-connected to its venting system on completion of the work.
  2. The appropriate atmosphere checks should be carried out.
  3. An enclosed space entry permit should be issued.
  4. All deck apertures, such as tank washing plates, should be opened and effective ventilation maintained continuously while persons are in the tank.
  5. Adequate lighting of an approved type, such as air-driven lamps, should be available.
  6. The work boat should only be used when the water surface in the tank is calm.
  7. The work boat should only be used in tanks containing clean ballast water. The water level in the tank should be either stationary or falling; on no account must the level of the water be rising while the boat is in use.
  8. A responsible person should act as a look-out at the top of the tank and, if the boat is working at a point remote from the tank hatch, an additional look-out should be positioned down the access ladder at a point where a clear view of the boat is provided.
  9. Approved breathing apparatus and resuscitation equipment should be ready for use at the entrance to the tank.
  10. All personnel working in the compartment should wear a buoyancy aid.

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