What is IMO Performance standard of Echo Sounder ?

The purpose of echo sounding equipment is to provide reliable information on the depth of water under a ship to aid navigation in particular in shallow water.

Echo sounding equipment should comply with the following performance requirements.

These Performance Standards are applicable for ship speeds from 0 up to 30 knots.

Sound speed in water for the purpose of this standard is set at 1500 m/s

Range of depth :- Under normal propagation and sea bed reflectibility conditions the equipment should be capable of measuring any clearance under the transducer between 2 m and 200 m.

Range scales :- The equipment should provide a minimum of two range scales one of which, the shallow range, should cover a range of 20 m, and the other, the deep range, should cover a range of 200 m.

Main display:- The primary presentation should be a suitable graphical display which provides the immediate depth and a visible record of soundings. The displayed record should, show at least 15 min of soundings.

Pulse repetition rate:- The pulse repetition rate should not be slower than 12 pulses per minute on the deep range and 36 pulses per minute on the shallow range.

Roll and pitch:- The performance of the equipment should be such that it will meet the requirements of these performance standards when the ship is rolling ± 10° and/or pitching  ± 5°.

Multiple installations

If more than one transducer is used:

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