What is Hot Work management plan on ship ?

Hot work management programs are put in place to control or eliminate hot work hazards and their risks. Programs include the development of policies, procedures, and the assignment of responsibilities and accountabilities for all aspects of hot work.

A program includes
  1. Policies
    • Where hot work is permitted
    • When hot work is permitted
    • Who authorizes hot work
  2. Procedures
    • What must be assessed before permitting/performing hot work in an area or on a process piece of equipment or area
    • What to do to prepare an area for hot work
    • What to do if hot work cannot be avoided in a particularly hazardous area
    • What hot work tools are required
    • How to obtain a hot work permit, when they are required, and who can administer them
  3. Training
    • Employees, supervisors, maintenance individuals, fire wardens, trained fire watch individuals, and contractors all have different roles, and must be trained accordingly
  4. Communications
    • Posting procedures
    • Posting policies
    • Posting signs in areas that are prohibited from having hot work performed in them.

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