What is hold preparation for loading grain cargo on ships?

One of the most difficult hold cleaning tasks is to prepare a ship for a grain cargo after discharging a dirty or dusty cargo such as coal or iron ore, particularly if the last cargo has left ‘oily’ stains on the paintwork or other deposits stubbornly adhering to the steel surfaces

   Preparing Cargo Holds for loading Grain depends on the previous cargo.
  1. Cargo Holds must be thoroughly cleaned and dry and trace of previous cargo in frames, beams, girders, and other structure.
  2. There should not be any loose rust and or paint scale anywhere in the Cargo Holds, Bulkheads, upper and lower hopper spaces, underneath of Hatch Covers and tank top.
  3. There should not be traces of live & dead insect & weevils.
  4. Bilge covers should be cleaned of any cargo residues and have enough drain holes. Bilge cover needs to be grain tight but not watertight.
  5. Bilge well should be cleaned of previous cargo dray and odour free.
  6. Bilge suction should be operational at all the times.
Removal of cargo residue:

Air Blow from top using high pressure air to reach all accessible corners. Cargo to be swept, scrapped & collected in a drum. Attention to be given

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