What is GMDSS log book and its section in details ?

In according with the provisions of regulations 17 of the Merchant shipping regulations 1992 a Radio log must be carried on board. It should be retained on the Navigation bridge convenient to the Radio installation. It must be available for inspection.

The log is split up into three sections A, B, C and Annex.
Section – A
  1. Enter all the required particulars of the ship and details of Radio certification.
  2. Enter the method of ensuring the availability of the Radio equipments, including details of the service company, if shore based maintenance is the chosen means.
Section – B
  1. Enter details of the qualified personal onboard.
  2. Indicate clearly the qualified crew member designated by the master (designated distress communications officer) for primary responsibility for communication in the event of a distress incident.
Section – C
  1. This section comprises the daily record of the operation of the Radio installation.
  2. Entries in this part of the log are to be prepared in duplicated.
  3. A Summary of communication relating to distress, urgency and safety traffic, the summary must include date, time (UTC), details of vessels involved and their positions.
  4. A record of important incidents connected with the Radio service.
For example :-
  1. A breakdown or serious mal function of the equipment.
  2. A breakdown of communication with cost Radio Stations, cost earth stations or satellite.
  3. Serious breaches of Radio regulations by other stations.
  4. The position of the ship at least once a day.
  5. The details of tests and checks carried out on the equipment.



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