What is fire fighting equipments kept near manifold prior to Cargo Operation on Tankers ?

Before any loading or discharging operations are commenced, the following fire-fighting equipment is to be placed on deck in a position approximately 10 metres forward or aft, but always upwind of the manifold:

  • One portable foam-making branch pipe with eductor, connected to a fire hose and hydrant.
  • Not less than 75 litres of foam compound.
  • An additional hose with jet/spray nozzle attached, and connected to a hydrant.
  • An International shore connection and fire plan/wallet is to be available, situated in the vicinity or point of access to the vessel.
  • A semi-portable Foam or Dry Powder extinguisher is to be positioned close to the manifold or if semi-portable extinguishers are not available then two 9 litre foam extinguishers are to be used. The oil spill materials are to be kept available for use in the event of a spillage, but are not to be placed adjacent to the fire-fighting equipment.
  • The above mentioned equipment is to be provided from the nearest Supplementary Equipment Station and Oil Spill Response Centre.
  • 75 litres of foam compound will be consumed by any one branch pipe in 5 minutes. If the Master considers that the Emergency Organisation will require more than 5 minutes to supply additional foam compound to the manifold area, then additional 25 litre canisters are to be positioned in readiness.
  • The fire main must be pressurized throughout cargo operations.


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