What is Fire Control plan on ships?

In all cargo vessels, general arrangement plans should be permanently exhibited for the guidance of the vessel’s officers, using graphical symbols that are in accordance with IMO Resolution A.952(23), which show clearly for each deck the control stations, the various fire sections enclosed by steel or ‘A’ Class divisions, together with particulars of:

  • the fire detection and fire-alarm systems;
  • fixed fire-fighting system;
  • the fire-extinguishing appliances;
  • the means of access to different compartments, decks, etc.;
  • the position of the fireman’s outfits;
  • the ventilating system, including particulars of the fan control positions, the position of dampers and identification numbers of the ventilating fans serving each section; and
  • the location and arrangement of the emergency stop for the oil fuel unit pumps and for closing the valves on the pipes from oil fuel tanks.

The plans and booklets should be kept up to date, any alterations being recorded thereon as soon as practicable. Description in such plans and booklets should be in the official language of the Flag State and in the language as shown

fire control

In  addition, instructions concerning the maintenance and operation of all the equipment and installations on board for the fighting and containment of fire should be kept under one cover, readily available in an accessible position.

In all cargo vessels greater than or equal to 150 GT, a duplicate set of fire-control plans or a booklet containing such plans should be permanently stored in a prominently marked weathertight enclosure outside the deckhouse for the assistance of shoreside firefighting personnel.


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