What is Fire blanket on ships?

Fires in small utensils containing cooking fats can be extinguished by smothering with Asbestos blanket or door mat (which has been wetted first!).fire blanket clothes

The Fire Blanket is a highly flame-retardant blanket that can be used either to extinguish a small fire directly or to wrap around a person to safely escape a burning home or building. The optional high visibility fluorescent fire blanket bag is a completely hemmed nylon, reinforced vinyl bag with a carry handle that features 4 mounting holes with brass grommets plus a hook and loop closure that opens in one quick motion.

In other words we can define it as:

A fire blanket is a piece of fire extinguishing equipment or gear designed to extinguish a small fire or any fire at its initial stage. It is a blanket-like sheet typically made of wool or specially woven fiberglass fabric treated with flame-resistant chemicals. Some old models used to be made of asbestos, but are no longer produced as the use of such material poses significant health risk


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