What is fast rescue boat and its requirements as per SOLAS?

All fast rescue boats shall comply with the applicable requirements of:
  • rigid rescue boats ;
  • rigid inflated rescue boats
  1. Fast rescue boats shall be not less than 6 metres in length and not more than 8 metres.
  2. Fast rescue boats shall be capable of manoeuvring, for at least 4 hours, at a speed of at least20 knots in calm water with a suitably qualified crew of 3 persons and at least 8 knots with a full complement of persons and equipment.
  3. Fast rescue boats shall be self-righting or capable of being readily righted by their crew.
  4. Fast rescue boats shall be self-bailing or be capable of being rapidly cleared of water.
  5. Fast rescue boats shall be steered by a wheel at a helmsman’s position remote from the tiller.
  6. An emergency steering system providing direct control of the rudder, water jet, or outboard motor shall also be provided.
  7. Engines in fast rescue boats shall stop automatically or be stopped by the helmsman’s emergency release switch should the rescue boat capsize. When the rescue boat has righted, each engine or motor should be capable of being restarted, provided the helmsman’s emergency release, if fitted, has been reset. The design of the fuel and lubricating systems shall prevent the loss of more than 250 ml of fuel or lubricating oil from the propulsion system should the rescue boat capsize.
  8. Fast rescue boats shall, if possible, be equipped with an easily operated fixed single-point suspension arrangement or equivalent.


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