What is duties or responsibility of Duty Officer in Cargo operation or Cargo watch on ships?

The watchkeeping officer’s principal duties include:
  1. Implementing and managing the cargo handling plan and maintaining a log;
  2. Being the principal point of contact with the shore terminal;
  3. Controlling and verifying the performance of the following:
  4. The correct functioning of tank level gauges and tank level alarms;
    • The operation of cargo pumps and valves;
    • Controlling the distribution of ballast;
    • Operation of the inert gas system;
    • Ensuring that safety and fire-fighting equipment is ready for immediate use;
  5. Ensuring that all watchkeepers are using appropriate PPE; and
  6. Ensuring that there are no unplanned activities being carried out.
Note :



Cargo loading is an operation not fully under the control of the ship because the transfer of cargo to the ship is managed by the shore terminal.

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