What is DSC or Digital Selective Calling ?

The calling sub system in GMDSSC being used as “Primary alerting system” of VHF, MF, HF and terrestrial service. DSC provides automated access to coast stations and ships.

Level of priority:-
  1. Distress
  2. Urgency
  3. Safety
  4. Routine

All level of priority are available for DSC calls.

Basic of DSC :-

DSC of technique of transmitting digital codes, which allows suitable equipped stations to :-

  1. Transmit and receive distress alert
  2. Transmit and receive distress alert acknowledgements.
  3. Announce urgency and safety calls
  4. Relay distress alert.
With the help of DSC call to
  1. All stations
  2. Stations in a Geographical area.
  3. An individual station 
  4. A group of station
  • DSC channels have been allocated in 2 MHz, 4MHz. on MF/HF bands.
  • CH-70 on VHF.
  • All DSC calls automatically includes phasing signals, error-checking signals and identity (MMSI) of the calling stations.


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