What is difference between Integrated Bridge Systems or IBS And Integrated Navigation Systems or INS ?

 Integrated Bridge Systems (IBS) are defined as a combination of systems which are interconnected in order to access sensor information or command/control from workstations in order to increase safe and efficient bridge management.

 Integrated Navigation Systems (INS) are designed to evaluate and combine the inputs from several sensors, to provide navigational information, warning of dangers and indication of degradation of information integrity.

Failure of one IBS sub-system must trigger a visual and audible alarm and must not cause failure of any other sub-system:-
  • Should a sub-system of an INS fail the watch keeper should be able to operate all the other components of the system independently.
  • Watch keepers must be familiar with the operation of IBS and INS and in particular must be familiar with the alarms and be able to operate any over-ride arrangements in case of a system failure. Clear instructions must be available for the systems.

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