What is definitions of Product tankers ?

Product tankers Carry refined oil products that can be classified into two  main groups:

  1. White products (Diesel oil, gasoline, jet fuels, kerosene, lube oils, etc.)
  2. Black products (fuel oils, residual products)
  • Clean cargo tanks characterized by:
    1. – No structural elements inside the cargo space (double skin)
    2. – Corrugated bulkheads (transverse and longitudinal)
    3. – Cargo tanks painted or internally coated
  • Each cargo tank is provided with a segregated cargo system including a submersible pump and its own cargo line to the manifold, on deck
  • The number of possible cargo segregations on board is equal to the number of cargo tanks
  • Typically these tankers are smaller than the crude oil tankers, with DW < 70,000 t


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