What is Deep Water Anchoring?

Anchoring into “Deep water” means depth of water is beyond 50 mtrs. So, it must be carried out with “Walk-back Style” & not let go anchor.

  1. Face the Wind or current when approaching the planned anchorage area. It provides good control of ship’s pose (heading) when Anchor is just Folding and also for Minimizing of Swinging rate to windward or current-ward.
  2. Reduce the ship’s speed upto or less than speed of Windlass Walk-back Capacity (which is generally 0.3 kts of ship’s speed).
  3. The anchor is then walked back all the way to the seabed.
  4. As the vessel moves astern the cable will grow. The officer on watch should be aware of the amount of cable being paid out so that too much cable is not paid out till the bitter end and must report the following:
    • No. of shackles in the water
    • Anchor chain direction and tightness after bottom touch
      • For Horizontal direction:
        “clockwise” and “straight down” (or upright)
        For Vertical direction :
        “as Long hand (of the clock)”
        “as Short hand (of the clock) “
        For Tightness :
        “Strong tight”, “Moderate tight, “Easy tight” and “Slack”Ex: Chain – 2 o’clock – short hand – with moderate tight
  5. Chief Officer should be aware of the windlass capacity when picking up the anchor- amount of cable paid out plus the weight of the anchor.


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