What is deck log book on ships and entries made in it ?

The Deck Log Book is an important document and serves as necessary evidence in case of any Accidents and Casualties.

Entries to be made in the Deck Log Book are :

When vessel at SEA
  • Deck log book should contain routine navigational information including positions at regular intervals and method of position fixing, courses steered, allowances made for compass error, leeway and set.
  • Standard Meteorological data which must be carefully monitored and log down in every watch.
  • Record of Navigational and Pilotage events during watch.
  • Behavior of Vessel and Effect of Heavy seas.
  • Change from Hand to Auto steering and vice versa including Trial of Hand Steering every watch.
  • Verification of Compass error also including mention if unobtainable.
  • Record of Inspections, Trainings and Emergency drill ( weekly or monthly as per drill schedule).
  • Soundings of all compartments including hold bilges, ballast tanks, fresh-water and oil-fuel tanks, cofferdams, void spaces, chain lockers and other spaces should be taken and recorded in the log book or separate sounding book at least once  daily.
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When vessel in PORT
  • Trim, stability, and stress calculations:

The trim, stability, and stress to be monitored and recorded in every watch. It is prudent to print and retain hard copies of the calculations 

  • Draught survey calculations:

The ship’s calculations of the quantity of cargo by draught survey should be retained for inspection at a later date, if required.

  • Cargo book:

It has become standard practice on all types of ships to include a note of cargo loaded or discharged on the ship’s ports of call list or  voyage memo, but more information can be valuable.

  • Visits by various Officials and Authorities.
  • A Statement of Facts (SOF)  is normally produced by the ship’s agent to cover the time spent in a loading or discharge port. The Shipmaster should satisfy himself before signing the statement that the information it contains is accurate, since it will be used to calculate the value of any demurrage or despatch payments or to settle any disputes which may arise regarding the voyage.
  • Time of commencement & ceasing of cargo work.
  • Any Interruption or stoppages during cargo work & their reason.
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