What is deck log book on ships and entries made in it ?

The Deck Log Book is an important document and serves as necessary evidence in case of any Accidents and Casualties.

Entries to be made in the Deck Log Book are :

When vessel at SEA
  • Deck log book should contain routine navigational information including positions at regular intervals and method of position fixing, courses steered, allowances made for compass error, leeway and set.
  • Standard Meteorological data which must be carefully monitored and log down in every watch.
  • Record of Navigational and Pilotage events during watch.
  • Behavior of Vessel and Effect of Heavy seas.
  • Change from Hand to Auto steering and vice versa including Trial of Hand Steering every watch.
  • Verification of Compass error also including mention if unobtainable.
  • Record of Inspections, Trainings and Emergency drill ( weekly or monthly as per drill schedule).
  • Soundings of all compartments including hold bilges, ballast tanks, fresh-water and oil-fuel tanks, cofferdams, void spaces, chain lockers and other spaces should be taken and recorded in the log book or separate sounding book at least once  daily.
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When vessel in PORT
  • Trim, stability, and stress calculations:

The trim, stability, and stress to be monitored and recorded in every watch. It is prudent to print and retain hard copies of the calculations 

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