What is Content of the Ballast Water Management Plan?

At the beginning of each BWMP, wording should be included to reflect the regulations which are relevant for the intended compliance, and should contain a brief introduction for the ship’s crew, explaining the need for ballast water management, and the importance of accurate record keeping.

As required by the BWMC, the following notes have to be included:

This Ballast Water Management Plan has been approved by the Administration and no alteration or revision shall be made to any part of it without the prior approval of the Administration. National Regulations in the Annex are not subject to approval and should be updated independently from class by the master onboard.

This Ballast Water Management Plan may be inspected on request by an authorized authority.

  1. Ship specific particulars

The following data should be included:

    • Ship’s name
    • Ship type
    • IMO number
    • Classification society and registration number
    • Call sign
    • Flag
    • Port of registry
    • Owner
    • Gross tonnage
    • Main dimensions
    • Total ballast water capacity
    • and capacity of ballast pumps
    • Total number of segregated ballast tanks on board, capacities, centres of gravity, max. free surface moments
    • Units used for ballast measurement (metric)
    • Appointed BWM officer (designation/rank of officer)
    • Other ship specific information relevant for BW operations
  1. Plans and diagram(Tank arrangement and capacities)

The BWMP has to include a plan and profile of the ship or a schematic drawing showing the ballast tank arrangement. A table is to be included, showing for each tank the applicable BWE methods and the available ballast water pumps. A second table is to be also included showing the rated and if applicable the reduced capacity pumps available for ballast water management.

  1. Piping and pumping arrangements

A piping diagram of the ballast system and a layout diagram of the ballast control system are to be included. The diagrams have to show the valve positions as well as identification number, position and capacity of each ballast pump. For vessels with unusual arrangement of air pipe heads or overflows such as, but not only, common air pipes, or air pipe heads arranged on closed deck, a drawing or diagram sufficiently clarifying such arrangements are to be included. If the vessel should be equipped with BWMS, it should be clearly indicated in the ballast system diagrams.

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