What are content of IMSBC code or International maritime solid bulk cargoes code?

Table of Contents

Section 1   General provisions

Section 2   General loading, carriage and unloading precautions

Section 3   Safety of personnel and ship

Section 4   Assessment of acceptability of consignments for safe shipment

Section 5   Trimming procedures

Section 6   Methods of determining the angle of repose

Section 7   Cargoes that may liquefy

Section 8  Test procedures for cargoes that may liquefy

Section 9   Materials possessing chemical hazards

Section 10  Carriage of solid wastes in bulk

Section 11   Security provisions

Section 12   Stowage factor conversion tables

Section 13   References to related information and recommendations

Appendix 1   Individual schedules of solid bulk cargoes

Appendix 2   Laboratory test procedures, associated apparatus and standards

Appendix 3   Properties of solid bulk cargoes

Appendix 4   Index

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