What is Collision Bulkhead and its Regulations ?

Collision bulkheads-

(1) Every ship shall be fitted with a collision bulkhead, which shall be watertight upto, the freeboard deck. This bulkhead shall be located at a distance from the forward perpendicular of not less than 5 percent of the length of such ship or 10 meters, whichever is less.

Provided that in exceptional cases, where the Chief Surveyor to the government on India is satisfied, having regard to the safety of the ship, permit such distance upto 8 percent of the length of the ship.

(2) Where any part of the cargo ship below the waterline extends forward of the forward perpendicular, Such as a bulbous bow, the distances stipulated   shall be measured from a position

  1. at the mid length of such extension ; or
  2. forward of the forward perpendicular at a distance of 1.5 percent of the length of the ship ; or
  3. forward of the forward perpendicular at a distance of 3 meters,  whichever is the after-most position.

(3) The collision bulkhead may have steps or recesses in it where such steps or recesses are within the limits . Pipes piercing such bulkhead shall be fitted with valves operable from above the freeboard deck and the valve chest shall be secured at the bulkhead inside the forepeak.

The valves may be fitted on the after side of the collision bulkhead where such valves are readily accessible under all service conditions and the space in which they are located is not a cargo space. All valves shall be made of steel., bronze or other approved ductile material. No door, manhole, ventilation dust or any other opening shall be fitted in such bulkhead.

(4) In every cargo ship provided with a long forward superstructure the collision bulkhead shall be extended weathertight to the deck immediately above the freeboard deck. The extension shall subject to the requirement , be located within the limits .

The part of the deck, if any, between the collision bulkhead and its extension shall be watertight.

(5)In every cargo ship provided with a bow door and a sloping loading ramp forming part of the extension of collision bulkhead above the freeboard deck, shall be watertight and the part of the ramp which is more than 2.3 meters above the freeboard deck may extend forward of the limits .

(6)The number of openings in the extension of the collision bulkhead above the freeboard deck shall be capable of being closed watertight and shall be restricted to the minimum compatible with the design and normal operation of the ship.


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  • Sir,

    We are operating wooden boats in the port of Visakhapatnam under harbour craft rules for the past 25 years and above.

    Now under the rules of IV Act., we are asked to provide Collision bulkheads for our boats.,

    I want to request you to kindly enlighten us, if the requirement of Collision or water tight bulk heads are required for such primitive type build wooden boats.

    For your information I am herewith giving you the details of our boats.

    LOAL Less than 15 mts.

    Breadth Less than 5 Mts.

    Depth less than… 2.5 mts.

    GRT Less than .. .. . 15 Tons

    Single screw fixed pitch propellor

    One main Engine…Less than 120 BHP with reverse reduction Gear Box.

    Meant for transportation of men and materials

    Men all inclusive Less than 15 people

    Material all inclusive………..1 MT.

    Construction material…. Wooden – locally available wood
    Hull and Deck is covered with Fibre Glass sheathing of Max. 4 mm – to – 5 mm thickness.

    Single Deck – Single Cabin.

    As bulkheads are insisted for these wooden boats without any reference or explanations given to us., I request you to kindly enlighten us as…..

    We feel closing a part or a section of the engine room area does not resolve the so called requirement of having Bulkheads
    As the requirement of being Water tight bulkheads – is next to impossible to have – As water tight bulk head in a wooden boat cannot be constructed in such primitive type of construction.
    Further it would only and surely would damage the inner side of the wooden planks and wooden girders and wooden frames as there will be no ventilation or maintenance absolutely as such.
    Kindly let us know – If such type of boats are required to be provided with the bulkheads as such.. please.

    We shall be grateful for your sharing of knowledge and enlightening us in the subject please.

    Thanks Regards

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