What is Chief Officer Responsibility for Cargo Operation ?

Under the supervision of the Master the Chief Officer is responsible for:

  • The preparation of the cargo plan in compliance with the voyage orders.
  • The checking of the cargo system to ensure that the intended plan will be followed.
  • The preparation of ship’s cargo system and spaces for intended cargo.
  • The monitoring of all cargo and ballast operations on board and personal supervision of commencement and completion of these operations.
  • The operation and control of all cargo equipment.
  • Producing his own written standing orders concerning the cargo operations which are to be well understood and signed by each Deck Officer.
  • The monitoring of the vessel’s stress and stability throughout the cargo and ballast operations and during the voyage to ensure that they remain within the required limits.
  • The maintenance of cargo records as required by the Company, Charterers and International regulations.
  • The calculation of the quantity on board and preparation of cargo documentation as required.
  • The checking of all compartments on a daily basis and recording the sounding in the Deck Log Book.
  • Ensuring that empty tanks and void spaces surrounding cargo spaces which contain flammable cargoes are tested for combustible gas as far as practicable on a daily basis, and the results are recorded in the Deck Log Book.
  • For monitoring of toxic gases vapour concentration in ship’s compartments as required.
  • Maintaining the records in conjunction with the Chief Engineer as required.
  • Applying the ballast water management practices and maintaining records.

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