What is Chain Register ?

  • Certificates of Test, annealing and all reports of inspection & examination to be entered in the register before the gears is put into use.
  • Register kept on the vessel
  • Contents comprising usually of 4 parts
    1. Part 1 : 4 Yearly thorough exam & annual inspection. Derrick and permanent attachments.
    2. Part 2 : Annual inspection -Cranes, winches and gear other than derricks & attachments.
    3. Part 3 : Annual thorough exam of gear exempt from annealing, gear made of malleable cast iron or mild steel.
    4. Part 4 : Record of annealing.
  • Chains , rings, hooks, shackles, pulley blocks, etc, before being brought into use.
  • Wire ropes before brought into use.
  • Winches , derrick and accessory gears.
  • Annealing of chains, rings etc.
  • Test certificates must be attached to the back of the chain register
  • Register & all forms and certificates must be kept for at least 4 years.
  • Each register last for 8 years.


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