What is Cargo Securing Manual or CSM , its purpose and contents?

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Cargo Securing Manual specifies arrangements and cargo securing devices provided on board the ship for the correct application to and the securing of cargo units, containers, vehicles and other entities, based on transverse, longitudinal and vertical forces which may arise during adverse weather and sea conditions.

Information on the strength and instructions for the use and maintenance of each specific type of cargo securing device, where applicable, is provided in this manual.

It is imperative to the safety of the ship and the protection of the cargo and personnel that the securing of the cargo is carried out properly and that only appropriate securing points or fittings should be used for cargo securing.


Is to ensure that Cargo Securing Manuals cover all relevant aspects of cargo stowage and securing and to provide a uniform approach to the preparation of Cargo Securing Manuals, their layout and content. Administrations may continue accepting Cargo Securing Manuals drafted in accordance with Containers and cargoes (BC) – Cargo Securing Manual (MSC/Circ.385) provided that they satisfy the requirements of these guidelines.

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