What is bunker checklist ? OR Checklist for bunkering ?

            M.V./M.T………………………                                 Date:………………….

Initial Preparation:

Ensure app personnel are aware of intention to bunker and emergency response procedures  
Discuss bunkering plan & tank sequence with officers involved  
Check all bunker tank air pipes are open and unblocked  
Ensure all sounding pipes caps are tight, except when sounding tank  
Check all bunker tank high level alarms are functioning  
Prior to Bunkering:
Check weight of hose does not exceed SWL of vessel’s lifting gear
Check delivery note quantity and specification are correct, sulphur contents less than 3.5 % and  if for SECA less than 1.0%
Discuss bunkering plan with supplier / Has checklist 23a been complied with.
Discuss vessel’s emergency response procedures with suppliers
Discuss supplier’s own emergency response procedures
Carry out analysis with vessel’s fuel test kit (if carried)
Conduct compatibility test, if necessary
Sight agree and record shore/barge meter readings
Sampling and procedure and point by suppliers in accordance with Marpol annex VI
Vessel drawing its own Marpol annex VI sample
During Bunkering:
Commence bunkering at minimum pumping rate
Monitor supply line pressure
Examine hose connection for leakage
Reduce pumping rate and/or open next tank before topping up
Close valves as each tank is completed
Witness, date,  jointly  countersign & retain sealed bunker samples
Ensure sufficient ullage in final tank for hose draining/line blowing
Notify supplier when final tank is reached
Confirm continuous drip sample being drawn by the supplier in a sealed container.
On Completion Of Bunkering:
Ensure all hoses are fully drained
Close and blank off manifold connection
Blank off disconnected hose coupling
Reconfirm all bunker line and tank filling valves are secured
Sight, agree and record shore/barge meter readings
Marpol sampling from suppler received in sealed container  (minimum amount 400 ml preferably > 750 ml.

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