What is BLU code or Bulk Loading and Unloading Code , purpose and its contents ?

BLU Code” means the Code of Practice for the Safe Loading and Unloading of Bulk Carriers, as contained in the Annex to IMO Assembly Resolution A.862(20) of 27 November 1997, as it stands on 5 February 2002.

The BLU Code provides guidance to ship masters of bulk carriers, terminal operators and other parties concerned for the safe handling, loading and unloading of solid bulk cargoes and is linked to regulation VI/7 (Loading, unloading and stowage of bulk cargoes) of the 1974  SOLAS  Where “bulk carrier” means:

A ship constructed with a single deck, top-side tanks and hopper-side tanks in cargo spaces and intended primarily to carry dry cargo in bulk;

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