What is automatic fire sprinkler system on ships?

Fire sprinklers are most effective during the fire’s initial flame growth stage. A properly selected sprinkler will detect the fire’s heat, initiate alarm and begin suppression within moments after flames appear. In most instances sprinklers will control fire advancement within a few minutes of their activation. This will in turn result in significantly less damage than otherwise would happen without sprinklers.

automatic fire sprinkler system

Sprinkler systems offer several benefits to building owners, operators, and occupants. These benefits include:
  • — Immediate identification and control of a developing fire.
  • — Immediate alert.
  • — Reduced heat and smoke damage.
  • — Enhanced life safety.
  • — Design flexibility.

For most fires, water represents the ideal extinguishing agent. Fire sprinklers utilize water by direct application onto flames and heat. This action cools the combustion process and prevents ignition of adjacent combustibles.


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