What is ALRS or Admiralty List of Radio Signals and its volume in detail ?


The United Kingdom Hydrographic office’s (UKHO) produces a series of ALRS publications which is a comprehensive source of information covering all aspects of maritime communications. The ALRS publication is user friendly and gives useful information. Each ALRS publication contains coloured Photographs. Each publication is updated using the weekly notices to mariners (NM’s). The ALRS constitutes of six volumes which are as follow. A brief description of each of them is given below:

Volume 1 – Coast radio Stations NP 281 (Parts 1 & 2)

  • Maritime public Correspondence Stations Listings.
  • Global Marine Communication Services.
  • Ship Reporting System.
  • Piracy and armed robbery reporting procedures.
  • List of shore based MMSI numbers.
  • Easily updated for weekly notice to mariners.
  • Revised Annually.
World coverage in two parts:

PART 1: NP281 (1) – Coast Radio stations.  Europe , Africa and Asia (excluding Far east).

PART 2: NP281 (2) – Coast Radio Stations. Oceania, Americas and Far East.

Volume 2 – Radio Aids to Navigation, Satellite Navigation System, Legal Time, Radio Time Signal and electronic position fixing Systems NP 282


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