What is Advantages of Crane over derricks?

  1. Simple operation of crane than derricks.
  2. Single-man operation, derricks are more labour intensive.
  3. Clear deck operational views.
  4. Clear deck space of rigging.
  5. Versatility with heavy loads, and not required to de-rig.
  6. 360° slew and working arc when compared with limited operating areas for derricks.
  7. Able to plumb any point quickly making a faster load/discharge operation.
  8. Enclosed cabin for operator, where as the majority of derrick operators are exposed, offering greater operator protection and comfort.
  9. Cranes are acceptably safer to operate because of their simplicity, where derrick rigs can be overly complicated in rigging and operation.
  10. Cranes can easily service two hatches, or twin hatches in the fore and aft direction because of their 360° slew ability.
  11. Derrick rigs are usually designed to service a specific space.


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