What is ALL or Admiralty List Of Light And Fog Signals and its contents/volume?

The Admiralty List of light and fog signal contains  a detailed list of navigational aids including lighthouses and other lighted navigation aids, unlighted buoys, radiobeacons, daybeacons, and racons. Light lists are published by most of the major maritime nations. Some nations, including the United Kingdom and the United States, publish lists that cover the whole world in many volumes.

  1. Consists of 11 volumes, ‘A’ to ‘L’ except ” I”.
  2. Published every 12 months.
  3. Corrections for these books are issued under section 5 of the weekly notices to mariners.
  4. The item to be corrected will have an asterix marked under it though the whole row may be pasted upon.
Contents Of ALL:
  1. Geographical Range Diagramme / Luminous Range Diagram.
    • On The Horizontal Axis – Nominal Range.
    • On The Vertical Axis – Luminous Range.
    • Within The Quadrant Are Meteorological Visiblity Curves.
  2. Abbreviations Used.
  3. Explainations Of Lights.
  4. Chacteristics Of Lights.
  5. Oil And Gas Production Installation.
The Format for the Table of Contents Is:
  1. Light Number.
  2. Location And Name.
  3. Lat / Long.
  4. Characteristics And Intensity.
  5. Elevation In Metres.
  6. Nominal Range.
  7. Description Of Structure.
  8. Remarks
  • Geographical Range:

It is the theoretical range concidering the curvature of the earth and the refractivity of the atmosphere. {2.095 ( sq rt of ht of eye + sq rt ht of object)}.

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