What are Ventilation regulation for Cargo Pump-rooms on tanker as per SOLAS?

 The mechanical ventilation system required by regulation must:
  1. Permit the extraction of air from the cargo pump room bilges immediately above the transverse floor plates or bottom longitudinals,
  2. Have an emergency intake that is:
    • Situated in the ventilation ducts at a height of at least 2 m above the lower platform of the cargo pump room,
    • Fitted with a fire damper that is capable of being opened and closed from the weather deck or the lower platform of the cargo pump-room.
  3. Provide a means of ensuring a free flow of gases through the lower platform of the cargo pump-room to the ventilation duct intakes.

Note :

Cargo pump rooms shall be mechanically ventilated and discharges from the exhaust fans shall be led to a safe place on the open deck. The ventilation of these rooms shall have sufficient capacity to minimize the possibility of accumulation of flammable vapours. The number of changes of air shall be at least 20  times per hour, based upon the gross volume of the space. The air ducts shall be arranged so that all of the space is effectively, ventilated. The ventilation shall be of the suction type using fans of the non-sparking type.


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