What are types of refrigerated cargoes carried on ships?

In general, refrigerated commodities may be divided into following  distinct categories; 

  1. Frozen Cargo: Meat, Butter, Poultry And Fish. -8oc To -12oc.
  1. Chilled Cargo: Cheese, Eggs And Fresh Vegetables. -2 Oc To 6oc.
  1. Air Cooled Cargo:  Fruits. 2 Oc To 12oc.

Many chilled cargoes (e.g. fruit) are regarded as a “Live” cargo since they continue to respire post harvest and as such are susceptible to desiccation. This is not the case with commodities such as chilled meat or cheese.

Frozen cargo is regarded as “inert” and is normally carried at or below -18 degree C (0 degree F).


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