What are the requirements of Thermal protective suit (TPA)?

Definition: Thermal protective aid is a bag or suit made of waterproof material with low thermal conductance

Colour: internationally orange in colour, highly visible

Made: A thermal protective aid shall be made of waterproof material having a thermal conductance of not more than 7800 W/(m2.K) and shall be so constructed that, when used to enclose a person, it shall reduce both the convective and evaporative heat loss from the wearer’s body.

  • cover the whole body of persons of all sizes wearing a lifejacket with the exception of the face. Hands shall also be covered unless permanently attached gloves are provided;
  • be capable of being unpacked and easily donned without assistance in a survival craft or rescue boat;
  • permit the wearer to remove it in the water in not more than 2 min, if it impairs ability to swim.
  • The thermal protective aid shall function properly throughout an air temperature range -30°C to +20°C.

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