What are the problems associated with B/L or bill of lading ?

The problems associated with  B/L or bill of lading are as follow :-

  1. When damaged or otherwise defective cargo is presented for loading;
  2. If master is asked to sign a clean B/L when it is not justified;
  3. If shore and loading figures differ;
  4. If a charterer’s B/L is used, where the master is required to sign a clean B/L as presented by the charterer;
  5. If the number of original B/L in the set as shown in the face of the B/L is not the same as the number of negotiable B/L;
  6. If two or more sets of B/L is requested by the shipper;
  7. If the B/L presented to the master for signing is written in an incomprehensible language or alphabet;
  8. If the master is asked to sign a blank or partially completed B/L;
  9. Early departure procedure is used to allow tankers to sail on completion of cargo without waiting for final cargo figures;
  10. If the B/L has to be reissued or amended;
  11. If the master is asked to pre-date or post-date a B/L;
  12. If delivery of cargo is asked for without the presentation of the original B/L, which may cause misdelivery and serious problems;
  13. If cargo delivery is requested against the presentation of a B/L carried on board when the B/L is ‘to order’ and does not specify the name of the consignee or the port of discharge;
  14. If two parties present original B/L ,
  15. If goods are unclaimed in a discharge port.


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