What are the precautions while loading Drums on ships ?

As we know that Drums are made of steel. They are stowed athwartship and upright with the bungs up.

  1. To prepare the hold for stowing drums, cargo handlers-
    • Lay dunnage athwartship approximately 6 inches apart on the deck and place drums on the dunnage.
    • Build a shelf over the turn of the bilge.
    • Place dunnage between the first row of drums and the bulkhead.
  2. To stow the first tier-
    • Work from the wings to the center of the hold.
    • Rest chimes squarely on the dunnage.
    • If the first row does not fit securely across the bulkhead, save space by spreading out the drums, keeping equal space between them. Stagger the next row of drums (keeping the same spacing as in the first row).
    • The second row should fit into the recessed areas created by the slight spacing between the drums in the first row.
  3. To stow the second tier, cargo handlers should-
    • Lay dunnage over the first tier.
    • Place drums on dunnage.
  4. Cargo handlers will stow succeeding tiers in the same way



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