What are the precautions while loading Cased goods or cargo?

  1. Strong wooden cases of uniform size may be stowed brick fashion, in the same way as cardboard cartons.
  2. No dunnage floors are placed between the tiers in the lower hold.
  3. When stowing cased goods, cargo handlers must-
    • Stow heavier cases in the lower tiers.
    • Never stow a case so that it rests directly on top of and inside the four corners of the case beneath it unless dunnage is laid across the top of the lower case to take the weight.
    • Stow cases containing cargo that might leak separately or at the bottom of the hold.
    • Make every possible effort to keep ties level. This can often be achieved by filling up the spaces between large cases with smaller cases.
    • Place dunnage over lightly constructed cases before the next tier is started.


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