What are the precautions when loading RO-RO vechiles on ships?

  1. Start vehicles only when directed by vehicle director or other competent authority.
  2. After starting the vehicle, immediately perform a brake check by driving forward several feet and then applying the brakes.
  3. Do not leave vehicle engines running unattended. Vehicles will not exceed 5 miles per hour while moving about the ship.
  4. Only qualified and screened drivers are permitted to operate vehicles.
  5. Do not operate (move) vehicles about the ship without a vehicle director present. Vehicle director assistants shall be stationed at locations where potential traffic hazards exist, such as intersections, ramp approaches, or departure points.
  6. Do not back vehicles without supervision from ground guides stationed to one side and to the rear of the vehicle being backed.
  7. Use traffic guides at ramps and watertight doors to clear the area of unnecessary personnel, and to warn personnel of oncoming vehicles, when moving vehicles through the various levels and holds of the ship.
  8. Operate vehicles with lights on.
  9. Only one vehicle may transit a ramp at any time.
  10. Secure cargo loaded within vehicles to prevent movement and shifting.
  11. Operate vehicles in low range only and, when possible, in maximum wheel drive mode.
  12. Remain clear of engine exhaust.
  13. Take care to avoid the presence of loose paper within the RO/RO areas. These papers can be sucked into the ventilation system, blocking airflow and allowing the buildup of noxious gases.
  14. All personnel working in vehicle operating areas MUST wear hearing protection.


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