What are the CSR or Continuous Synopsis Record Document?

 The CSR Document:

  • Only the ship’s Administration can issue a ship’s CSR document (Form 1) to a ship. The first CSR document issued to a ship is numbered “ 1 ” and subsequent CSR documents are to be sequentially numbered. The sequential numbering continues across change of flag throughout the life of the ship.
  • Each original CSR document will have to be sent to the ship and kept by the ship throughout its lifetime. The Administration needs to keep a copy (which may be an electronic copy) of each CSR document issued to the ship.
  • Whenever issuing a CSR document to a ship, the Administration will have to provide all information in rows 1 to 13 of Form 1 (indicate N/A if not applicable). Information number 7 on the CSR only has to be completed if the Administration requires the registration of bareboat charterers and the ship is actually bareboat chartered.


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