What are the contents of Manoeuvring Booklet?


  1. General description

1.1 Ship’s particulars
1.2 Characteristics of main engine

  1. Manoeuvring characteristics in deep water

2.1 Course change performance
2.2 Turning circles in deep water
2.3 Accelerating turn
2.4 Yaw checking tests
2.5 Man-overboard and parallel course manoeuvres
2.6 Lateral thruster capabilities

  1. Stopping and speed control characteristics in deep water

3.1 Stopping ability
3.2 Deceleration performance
3.3 Acceleration performance

  1. Manoeuvring characteristics in shallow water

4.1 Turning circle in shallow water
4.2 Squat

  1. Manoeuvring characteristics in wind

5.1 Wind forces and moments
5.2 Course-keeping limitations
5.3 Drifting under wind influence

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