What are the checks to be carried out during Hot Work on ships?

  • Immediately before hot work is started, the officer responsible for safety precautions should examine the area where it is to be undertaken, and ensure that tests of the working area and adjacent spaces show not more than 1 % LFL.
  • If the work is inside an enclosed space, the responsible officer must also check that the oxygen content is 21 % by volume and that the space is free of toxic gases.
  • Adequate fire-fighting equipment must be laid out and be ready for immediate use.
  • Fire watch procedures must be established in the area of the hot work and in adjacent, non-inerted spaces where the transfer of heat could create a hazard.
  • Effective means of containing and extinguishing welding sparks and molten slag must be established
  • The work area must be adequately and co ntinuously ventilated.
  • Flammable solvents must not be present, even for use in cleaning tools.
  • The frequency with which the atmosphere is to be monitored must be established.
  • Atmospheres should be retested at regular intervals and after each break in work, such as for refreshments or meals.
  •  Checks should be made for flammable vapours or liquids, toxic gases o r inert gas from non gas free spaces.
  • Welding apparatus and other equipment to be used should be carefully inspected before use to ensure that it is in good condition and, where required, correctly earthed.

The following should be complied with whenever electric arc welding equipment is used:

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