What are the action when another Ship anchor dragging towards own ship ?

  • Sound ‘ U ’ on the whistle, it will attract attention of other vessel in the vicinity and this will serve as witness.
  • Inform mate /Master /ER to keep engines ready
  • Call by VHF, if no reply use day light signaling lamp.
  • Call for emergency anchor stations.
  • Call for quarter master, ARPA/RADAR to be switched on
  • If mate/Master not on board call for additional officer/cadet to assist on bridge.
  • Inform port control/agent.
  • Pay out maximum cable until half shackle left in chain locker, this helps own vessel drop astern
  • Put wheel hard over with respect to other ship to move transversely.
  • Prepare second anchor for letting go.
  • If other vessel still dragging and happens to sang own ships cable, own ship will feel a sudden pull towards other ship if this happens slip first anchor.
  • When own ship has dropped astern sufficiently and is well clear put wheel amidships & drop second anchor.
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