What are the actions in case of another vessel anchor is dragging ?

Action in case of another vessel anchor is dragging:

  1. Inform master.
  2. Sound Uniform on ship whistle (two short blast followed by one long blast; to attract the attention of other vessel and to indicate that “ You are running into danger.)
  3. Attract the attention of other ship by:
    1. Call on VHF- station identification;
    2. DSC Routine Alert
    3. ALDIS lamp etc.
  4. Engine to be ready for immediate maneuvering.
  5. Anchor party standby.
  6. Use Radar and ARPA too to monitor the vessel. (The one VRM and EBL can be utilized to monitor the other vessel position and the second VRM and EBL could be used to monitor the land mark so that at the same time one could  monitor own ship position as well as other ship position.)
  7. Keep an observation of all passing traffic, and any vessel approaching at close range are to be alerted.
  8. Monitor the position of nearby anchored vessel as well as own vessel.
  9. Check what action other vessel is taking.
  10. Inform Port control if other vessel unable to take action, ‘Other vessel is dragging anchor so the vessel may need to re-anchor’.
  11. If required take advice from the port to give a suitable position for re anchoring. (Some of the port gives clear instruction to the vessels before anchoring, so its better to communicate with port regarding the anchoring position. The entry to be made into VHF log.)
  12. Inform Port and Agent once re-anchored.
  13. Make relevant entries in logbook.