What are Testing of Water Tight Bulkhead ?

test 1

  • Bulkheads forming tank boundaries are tested by testing the tank.
  • Peak Bulkheads, other than those forming peak tank boundaries, are tested by filling the peak to the level of the load waterline.
  • Other Water tight bulkheads are hose tested to a pressure of 200 kn/m2. The test is carried out from the side on which the stiffeners are attached. On corrugated bulkheads any convenient side is chosen

test 3

Watertight Bulkhead Penetrations
  • The aft Engine room bulkhead is pierced to allow the propeller shaft to pass through. A Watertight gland is fitted around the shaft. Also an opening is provided for human passage by a water tight door.
  • If a pipe passes through the bulkhead, it is flanged & bolted to the bulkhead.
  • If the Pipe penetrates the collision bulkhead, then in addition to above arrangement, a manual screw down valve(operable from main deck) must be fitted on the forward side of the collision bulkhead.Usually this will be observed on the forepeak tank suction piping.


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