What are Sources or hazards of Fire from Cargo on ships?

Fire hazards from cargoes
  1. Substances liable to react with
  2. Flammable liquids and solids
  3.  —Pyrophoric cargoes
    1.  — Compressed flammable gas
    2. — Oxidizing cargoes and organic peroxides
    3. — Self-heating cargo & spontaneous combustion
      • Themselves
      • Water
      • Other cargoes
      • Materials of the ship
  4. — Explosives

Note :-

The fire safety objectives  are to:

  • prevent the occurrence of fire and explosion;
  • reduce the risk to life caused by fire;
  • reduce the risk of damage caused by fire to the vessel, its cargo and the environment;
  • contain, control and suppress fire and explosion in the compartment of origin; and
  • provide adequate and readily accessible means of escape for crew.


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