What are Restrictions while carrying out Hot Work on Ships ?

Followings are restrictions on hot work  –

Hot work is strictly prohibited on board during:

  • Loading / Discharging.
  • Ballasting / De-ballasting clean or dirty ballast.
  • COW / Tank cleaning.
  • Inerting / purging or gas-freeing.
  • Bunkering / De-slopping operations.
  • Internal transfer of cargo, bunkers or slops.

No hot work may be carried out in any part of the ship whilst at a tanker terminal, without the express permission of the terminal manager or the loading master.

In most ports, local regulations prohibit or restrict Hot Work onboard vessels whilst the vessel is within port limits. Prior to undertaking any Hot Work within a port, the Master must confirm the local requirements, and obtain permission from the relevant Port Authorities.

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The Master is responsible for:

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