What are responsibility of third officer as per SMS or safety management responsibility ?

Safety Management Responsibilities of Third Officer

Reports to : Master for navigational watch keeping duties.
Chief Officer for deck watches keeping duties and maintenance duties.
Supervises : Junior operation level and support level functions
Responsibilities : His responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following.

The safety management responsibilities of Third Officer include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Familiarize himself with the procedures of safety management system and comply with same.
  • To keep a navigational watch at sea and at anchor as per Master’s standing orders.
  • To keep cargo watch in port as per directions of Chief Officer and as per applicable rules & regulations.
  • To maintain all meteorological equipment and logs and ensure dispatch of weather reports from vessel on regular basis.
  • To maintain in good order all flags, signaling equipment, regulation lights and shapes
  • Conduct maintenance procedures for life saving and fire fighting equipment, cargo systems on board under direction of Chief Officer;
  • Conduct inventory of LSA, FFA, cargo systems spares and stores maintained on board as directed;
  • Conduct procedures and tests to ensure functional reliability of critical equipment and systems, as directed
  • Compliance with the Company’s documented safety and security procedures.
  • Carry out emergency duties as per emergency response procedures and as directed by command and control.
  • Compliance with applicable port, terminal and dock safety regulations.
  • Assist Chief Officer in day to day work with regard to ship’s operational routine duties and preparation of reports and returns as required
  • To comply with applicable rules of STCW Convention.
  • To prepare handing over notes along with handing over report while signing off the vessel.
  • To acquaint himself and prepare for the rank above.

Has the authority to identify and report non-conformities and near misses/hazardous occurrences and as per procedures defined within this Safety Management System


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