What are requirements of Watertight Door as per SOLAS ?

(1) In every cargo ship in which watertight doors are provided to maintain the watertight integrity of a bulkhead or deck, every such door shall be made of suitable material and shall be efficiently constructed for its intended duty.

(2) (a) Every watertight door of the sliding type shall be capable of being operated by efficient hand operated gear both at the door itself and from an accessible position above the bulkhead deck.   

(b) The operating gear for operating from above the bulkhead deck any sliding watertight door fitted in the bulkhead of a machinery space shall be situated outside the machinery space.

(3)Where there is access from the lower part of a machinery space to a watertight shaft tunnel the access opening shall be provided with a sliding watertight door which shall be capable of being operated from both sides of the door.

(4)Means shall be provided at remote operating positions to indicate when a sliding door is closed.

(5)Watertight doors shall be capable of being operated when the ship is listed upto 15 degrees either way.

Tests of  watertight doors  

Watertight doors in every cargo ship shall be tested by water pressure equivalent to the head up to the freeboard deck.



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