What are requirements for Nozzle as per SOLAS ?


  1. Every ship which is required under these rules to be provided with fire pumps operated by power shall be provided with nozzle of 12 millimeter, 16 millimeters, 19 millimeters in diameter or as near thereto in diameter as possible.  Nozzles larger in diameter may be provided if the requirements of these rules relating to the provision of water for fire fighting purposes are otherwise complied with. 
  2. For machinery spaces and exterior location the diameter of the nozzles shall be such as to obtain the maximum possible discharge from the minimum number of jets of water and at the pressure required under these rules from the smallest fire pump permitted by clause (c) (1) of sub-rule 1 of rule 58 provided that the diameter of the nozzles shall not be greater than 19 millimeters
  3. For accommodation and service space the diameter of the nozzles shall not be required to be greater than 12 millimeters
  4. Every such nozzle shall be capable of producing a water spray suitable for extinguishing oil fires and a plain water jet and shall incorporate a shut-off facility. 

You may also know fire hose:


  1. Fire hoses required to be provided under these rules shall not exceed 18 metres in length in ships having 9 moulded breadth of 27 metre or more, where the length of fire hoses for exterior locations and for cargo spaces shall not exceed 27 meters in length, which shall be made of closely woven flax canvas or other approved material and shall be provided with couplings, branch pipe and other necessary fittings, and with plain nozzles or dual-purposes nozzles. 
  2. Every such fire hose together with the tools and fittings shall be kept in a conspicuous position near the hydrants or connection with which it is intended to be used.  In interior locations in passenger ship,  fire hoses shall be connected to the hydrants at all times.  Hose diameter shall be not loss than 64 millimeter if unlined or 45 millimeter if lined provided that the Chief Surveyor with the Government of India may permit smaller diameter hoses in ships of less than 500 tons. 
  3. Such hose provided in compliance with these rules shall not be used for any purpose other than for extinguishing fire or testing with fire appliances at fire drill and surveys. 
  4. In interior locations in passenger ship, carrying more than 36 passengers fire hoses shall be connected to hydrants at all times.


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