What are requirements for construction of rudder for TANKERS and gas carrier as per SOLAS ?

As per SOLAS , Chapter ii-1: construction

Rudder actuators for tankers, chemical tankers and gas Carriers of 10,000 tons gross tonnage and above but less Than 100,000 tonnes deadweight, adopted by the organization

  1. For a tanker, chemical tanker or gas carrier of 10,000 gross tonnage And upward, but less than 70,000 tonnes deadweight, the administration May, until 1 September 1986, accept a steering gear system with a proven Record of reliability, which does not comply with the single failure criterion Required for a hydraulic system.
  2. Every tanker, chemical tanker or gas carrier of 10,000 gross tonnage And upward, constructed before 1 September 1984, shall comply, not later Than 1 September 1986, with the following:
    • Two independent steering gear control systems shall be provided Each of which can be operated from the Navigation Bridge. This Does not require duplication of the steering wheel or steering Lever;
    • If the steering gear control system in operation fails, the second System shall be capable of being brought into immediate Operation from the navigation bridge; and
    • Each steering gear control system, if electric, shall be served by Its own separate circuit supplied from the steering gear power Circuit or directly from switchboard busbars supplying that Steering gear power circuit at a point on the switchboard Adjacent to the supply to the steering gear power circuit.
Points to pounder for steering regulations :

In addition to the requirements, every tanker, Chemical tanker or gas carrier of 40,000 gross tonnage and upwards, Constructed before 1 september 1984, the steering gear shall, not later than 1 September 1988, be so arranged that, in the event of a single failure of the Piping or of one of the power units, steering capability can be maintained or The rudder movement can be limited so that steering capability can be Speedily regained.

This shall be achieved by:

An independent means of restraining the rudder; or Fast-acting valves which may be manually operated to isolate the Actuator or actuators from the external hydraulic piping together With a means of directly refilling the actuators by a fixed Independent power-operated pump and piping system; or Adopted by the organization by resolution.


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